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This the questions from the teacher 

Please make sure you address the following question fully: According to Calavita in Invitation to Law and Society, please explain how and why it matters that law is intertwined with everyday life. Provide at least two concrete examples from the text to support your argument.


Please make sure you address the following question fully: In Invitation to Law and Society, Calavita writes that there are often significant gaps between laws-on-the-books and laws-in-action. First, please explain your interpretation of what Calavita means by this. In your answer, please address potential consequences of discrepancies between how laws are written and how they are actually enforced. Second, please describe the difference between routine nonenforcement and selective non-enforcement. Provide at least one example of routine non-enforcement of a law, and provide at least one example of selective nonenforcement of a law. Please address who and/or what groups/entities are served by selective nonenforcement as well as who and/or what groups/entities are disproportionately and negatively impacted by selective nonenforcement.