Software Validation and Verification

Describe software verification and validation.

Write a twopage single-spaced paper about software verification and validation. 

Paper should respond to the following prompts:
What do we mean by “software verification”?
What are the methods and models used for verification?
What do we mean by “software validation”?
What are the artifacts used for validation?
Who is involved during software validation?
Compare and contrast components of software validation and software verification. 
Define criteria you can use to compare and contrast them (such as modeling artifacts, stakeholders). – You may include a table here.

Use appropriate, relevant, and compelling content 
Demonstrate detailed attention to organization, content, presentation, formatting, and stylistic choices.
Demonstrate skillful use of high-quality, credible, relevant sources.
Use graceful language that skillfully communicates meaning to readers with clarity and fluency and is error-free.
Articles for review be sourced from reputable and authoritative sources
Use 12-point Times New Roman font single-spaced.
Submit your report in a Microsoft Word document.