Soldiers Death

Section 4: Results: (One paragraph)
In the final sentence, render your results in a clear, straightforward statement. The hypothesis laid out is/is not supported in part/in total by the research as these are the results –
Section 5 : Further Research: (One paragraph)
From the research that you have conducted, find at least three larger themes (from any and all aspects in the Social Science realm History, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Geography, Anthropology, Political Science, law, business, and marketing) that your research raises as a basis for further research: “This raises the larger question of the treatment of Battle Exhaustion or what we would now call PTSD cases in the Canadian Army; This raises questions about leadership on the field of battle and the socio-economic character and composition of the Canadian Army during the Second World War”; This raises the question of minorities and their treatment in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war, the larger political question of conscription and the question of Strategic bombing as a possible war crime.”; The soldier’s death came as a direct result of the military incompetence which raises the question of the psychology behind military incompetence, narcissism in command/leadership positions and management structure.
For this class, you will be asked to use the Chicago Manual of Style Footnotes to cite the information you provide in your report.       *Make sure to consult the reference materials as you will be learning an old military cataloguing system filled with military speak and acronyms