Some juveniles need to be prosecuted as adults

Persuasive Speech following Monroe’s Motivated


Topic: Some juveniles need to be prosecuted as adults.


(More and more
teenagers are committing heinous crimes. They know they will get off easy, that
they will not face serious consequences. According to the level of savagery
committed, juveniles should at times be prosecuted as adults.)



Must follow this outline

Motivated Sequence

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence is an
organizational pattern that attempts to convince the audience to respond to a
need that is delineated in the speech. Five separate steps characterize the
Motivated Sequence organization style:


1. The attention step should get the audience’s attention
as well as describe your goals and preview the speech.


2. The need step should provide a description of the
problem as well as the consequences that may result if the problem goes
unresolved. In this step, the speaker should also alert audience members to their
role in mitigating the issue.


3. The satisfaction step is used to outline your
solutions to the problems you have previously outlined as well as deal with any
objections that may arise.


4. In the visualization step, audience members are asked to
visualize what will happen if your solutions are implemented and what will
happen if they do not come to fruition. Visualizations should be rich with


5. The action appeal step should be used to make a direct
appeal for action. In this step, you should describe precisely how the audience
should react to your speech and how they should carry out these actions. As the
final step, you should also offer a concluding comment.