Speech class

KINESICS: the study of body motion or body behavior.
Emblems: gestures that have a direct verbal translation andcan stand alone such as the ok sign.
Illustrators: gestures that complement our words such aspointing when giving directions.
Regulators: gestures that may prolong or terminate theconversation such as looking at your watch, walking away, or nodding andleaning forward.
Adaptors: gestures that make you feel more comfortable in acommunication situation such as twirling your hair or tapping your fingers.
Affect Displays: facial expressions motivated by emotionsuch as a smile or frown.
In this lesson, you will venture out and observe the peoplearound you. Tune out what they are saying and then sit back and watch. Takenotes on what type of gestures (emblems, regulators, illustrators, adaptors andaffect displays) are they using? How often do they use each one? Are they awareof these gestures? You will then use your notes to write a typed two-page essaydescribing what you witnessed. Please let us know where you were, the mall,Starbucks, work, etc.. and who was involved, two men sitting at a table
Describe at least ten separate gestures.
What type?
What are they conveying? How many repetitions?
What are the circumstances?
Please submit your essay to this dropbox and include thefollowing:
At least two pages typed– MINIMUM of 675 words
Double spaced
Paragraphs, not bullets
Include nonverbal terminology
Specific examples
Reminder: All written work must comply with standard Englishrules, such as proper capitalization, grammar, and spelling. The assignmentmust be submitted by the deadline listed on the calendar.
Note: Even though you will see a statement giving you theoption of copy/paste or file attachment, you are required to attach theassignment in MS Word format.