Starbucks Video & Paper

Watch “Global Reach and Local Relevance at Starbucks with CEO Howard Schultz(” video and then respond to the following questions.

Start with an introduction of the company and a thesis statement about what you will be discussing. (about 75-100 words)
How does Starbucks integrate social responsibility into its culture? Why do you consider this to be important? (about 100-150 words)
How does the global nature of the company and its markets influence how it thinks about employee diversity? (about 100-150 words)
How would you describe Starbuck’s ethics in terms of how it discusses and treats its employees? (about 100-150 words)
Does Starbucks value cultural differences? How would you describe this? (about 100-150 words)
What opportunities do you think Starbucks has to enhance its global presence? (about 100-150 words)
Add a conclusion summarizing what you have learned. (about 75-100 words)

Please use the template – M2 MGT2020 Paper Template  Download M2 MGT2020 Paper Template.
The completed assignment must be prepared in APA format, including the title page, reference page, section headings, and in-text source citations. 
In addition to the video and text, a minimum of two additional current (no older than 3 years) and reliable (must have author and date of publication) sources must be cited. 
An exemplary paper (A) will typically require 700-1000 words to effectively answer all questions. Please see the guidance on the individual questions to be answered. 
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