statement of purpose editing

a statement of purpose for a PhD admission. I need to have edited in two days. There are around 997 words. 
see attached SOP

I am not quite sure with the last line to name three faculties.

here are the guidelines:

The academic statement of purpose is an important part of your overall application. This document provides you with an opportunity to summarize your credentials and your interests and to explain how your intellectual interests fit within the research interests of the faculty teaching in the American Culture doctoral program. Statements should be at least 500 words and should not exceed 1000 words.

Applicants should identify three faculty members with whom they are interested in working. Please note that faculty research fields/interests are included in their profiles on our website. Only core faculty members can serve as primary advisors and dissertation chairs for graduate students in the American Culture doctoral program. Students are not encouraged to contact these faculty in advance of admission to the department