strategic management class

INTERNAL ANALYSIS         firm chosen is Ulta Beauty

RESOURCE-BASED-ANALYSIS OF THE FIRM (See textbook chapters 3 and 4, and related class materials)

5.1. Consider the four building blocks of competitive advantage (i.e. efficiency, innovation, quality, customer responsiveness – see Chapter 3). Which of these building blocks does your firm predominantly focus on (i.e. which one(s) constitute your firms strengths) and what particular functional strategies does your firm use (see Chapter 4) to achieve those ends? Provide ample data to support your arguments. While answering this question make sure to :
5.1.1. Consider your firms value chain (see Chapter 3) and identify the major primary and support activities through which your firm creates the most value (i.e. what value chain activities constitute the basis for your firms strengths).
5.1.2. Identify the key tangible and intangible resources that your firm leverages in each of those activities,
5.1.3. Identify the key capabilities that your firm leverages in each of those activities.
5.2. Assess your firms WEAKNESSES?
5.2.1. Considering your assessment of the Industry Success Factors in Item 3.8 above, what are your firms key resource/capability deficiencies (i.e. resource/capabilities that your firm lacks, which makes your firm weak against its competitors)? PROVIDE DATA.
5.2.2. (If any) What are your firms specific environmental vulnerabilities? Go back to your External Analysis Summary Table (i.e. Item 4) above and assess if your firm is particularly more vulnerable compared to its competitors to any environmental (macro or industry environment) conditions? Explain the reasons for the vulnerability. PROVIDE DATA