Strategic Marketing Plan

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Please follow the directions: 

This assignment relates directly to the Navigate Scenario for Health Care Marketing – Simulation Exercises

Recently Bright Road Healthcare System has experienced a downward trend in its number of patients. As a result, the board has contracted consultants to mystery shop their services and understand the patients experience. The general storyline will be that a healthcare marketing consultant was hired to work with different areas of the Healthcare System to make marketing recommendations in differentiation, positioning, customer retention, and market responsiveness. To support this general storyline, you will need to gain information from characters in the simulation and other resources to analyze the healthcare systems marketing needs and strategy to make recommendations via your strategic marketing plan.

You will complete this assignment using the provided template: 

***** I am not familiar with strategic marketing plans so I am not sure how long it should be. Please be familiar with creating strategic marketing plans and I can always add more funds if it ends up being longer than I have put in the requirements. Thanks!