students will identity, describe and tell the story of a major Act of the US Congress (not including The 1964 Civil Rights Act, Amendments of the Constitution or Treaties) that was proposed or that passed before the year 2000.

Students must use at least two (2) internet sources and must document direct quotes or paraphrased 

information that are/is included in the papers in the Modern Language Association (MLA) style. For information 

about the MLA style or how to cite internet sources, consult the ACC Learning Resource Service’s MLA 

Documentation Guide at DO NOT USE HEADERS.

The paper must be at least 3 whole pages in length counting neither the cover page (name, course & class time) 

nor the works cited page, both of which are required. It must have one-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) 

and must utilize the Times New Roman font size 12 ONLY. Papers must be double-spaced.

Papers that violate any of the above requirements will earn no more than 26/40 points. 

Students must avoid plagiarism and collusion. 

I also started on this paper and wrote:

The Louisiana Purchase Treaty 

There are different ways that Congress make laws but the most common way is: the bill is drafted, the bill is introduced, the bill goes to committee, subcommittee reviews the bill, committee markup of the bill, voting by the fuller chamber of the bill, referral of the bill to the other chamber, the bill goes to the president, overriding a veto. Congress plays a major role in the making of law. Initially congress made the rules that the people currently abide by, they are the voice of the people and make sure that their voice gets heard. With the limited knowledge I have on making law I would say that there should be a position that is much more personable to the people. I have seen time and time again bills getting passed back and forth with no progress being made. Some of the bills that are mismanaged are important to many people more specifically important to your normal contributing member of society.