summary and values

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Part I:       Worldview and Values (2 – 3 pages)
In this section you should begin by explaining what a worldview is and why it is important. Next you should talk about your own worldview.  For instance, are you a theist, a naturalist, or something else?  If you are not sure explain why.  Then you should describe your own worldview assumptions clearly and concisely using James Sire’s eight assumptions as a model.  It is essential that you provide a description of your own personal assumptions and not just talk about worldview assumptions in general.  If you wish and you have the space, you may also want to discuss James Hunter’s conception of the moral compasses.
Part II:      Life Experiences: Family and Friends (3 – 4 pages)
No one grew up in a vacuum. Each person was part of a real family, in a real community, in a real country, at a particular point in time. Honestly reflect on the persons and events that have shaped your values and your understanding of truth. You may want to compare and contrast your upbringing with the Loman family, reflect on Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, or draw from both sources.
Part III:    Life Experiences: Work and Organizations (3 – 4 pages)
Compare and contrast your personal values with the organizational norms and values of past and present contexts (work, church, volunteer, etc.). You may want to use the Harvard Business Review articles to jump-start your discussion. Critically reflect upon your participation in these environments and ask yourself: To what extent have these organizational cultures changed me? To what extent have I changed them?
Part IV:     Life Experiences: The SNU Professional Studies Program (2 – 3 pages)
Describe the impact of the SNU Professional Studies experience on your values and understanding of truth. You may want to mention specific courses, discussions, classmates, or instructors when piecing this section together.
Part V:      The Future (2 – 3 pages)
The last part of the paper focuses on where you’re headed. You may want to describe short-term and long-term goals and how they’re connected. Please do not list your goals in a list or bulleted format.