summerized article

On a Word Document type copious notes on the following articles

Joe W. Trotter, African-American History: Origins, Development, and Current State of the Field, OAH Magazine of History, Vol. 7, No. 4 (Summer, 1993): 12-18.


Purpose:  Notetaking is an invaluable transferrable skill. Studies have shown that the process of taking notes, either handwritten or typed, can improve comprehension and retention of reading materials. By developing these skills earlier, you will better learn how to read critically, engage the text, organize your thoughts, and ask informed questions.



    The top of the page must contain the following:

        Students Name

        A full Chicago-style citation of the article

    Number the pages

    Students are encouraged to paraphrase (summarize in your own words) most of the material in the articles. This strengthens your reading comprehension skills because rather than copying the article verbatim; you are interacting with the material and restating the information in your own words.

    All quotes taken directly from the article must be written inside of quotations () followed by the page number in parenthesis. For example:

        Taken from the Trotter Article: By overturning demeaning stereotypes, scholars of black history believed that they could help to complete Americas unfinished revolution which began with emancipation and create a truly multiracial and pluralists society. (13)

    You must have notes from every page of the article (the reference/works cited pages are excluded)


Grading   Students should demonstrate that they have read the entirety of the articles and have grasped the main points presented by the author. Students also need to follow the formatting directions correctly.