Sustainable Development Project pitch

Create a 2 to 3 page document that pitches an idea to create a more sustainable destination, facility, event or product.

Your pitch should include:

•Current situation and backgrounder

•The idea

•2 to 3 Objectives and the desired outcomes

           The objectives should relate to one or more of the 17 Goals              of SDG

•Action items that would need to be taken for each objective

•Resources required to achieve each objective- human and other

•A timeline for each objective

You will be marked on your research and idea, how it relates to the 17 Goals for SDG and clarity of presentation. 

Someone reading your pitch should be able to easily understand where the business/event/facility is now, what your idea is to move them towards a more sustainable approach, what are the objectives and desired outcomes, what is needed to make it happen and how long it is expected to take.  The reader should be able to identify which of the SDG goals that your objectives will work towards.