Symphony/Opera Critique Assignment

Assignment:  Watch a professional symphony or opera concert
and write a review no longer than three pages (350 words). It must be
typed and double-spaced, using size 12 font, and one inch margins on all
sides.  Below are the guidelines:


statement should include the name of
the performer(s) and the genre and style of the music performed.  When and where was the work performed (i.e.,
the venue or place in which you observed the performance)?   In the case of music is associated with a
particular event of a specific culture list in which context the music is
traditionally performed and its use in relation to the particular event. 

b)      The thesis statement should explain the objective of the written review as
it relates to the specific performer(s) or production you are reviewing.


a)      What is the texture of the music?  What dynamics stand out to you in which
pieces?  Does any of the pieces or
individual movements affect your emotions?


a)      Discusses how your
own culture has shaped your identity and world view pertaining to what you
heard at the performance.

b)      Discuss the
significant characteristics about other culture(s) the music conveys
(composer’s background, time period the pieces were written, nationalism,

c)      Compare and contrast your own culture to what cultures
that were conveyed during the performance

d)      Discuss how you might need to adjust your actions to
successfully interact with someone from the culture(s) that was displayed at
the performance.


a)      Discuss your opinion about the responsibility of the
public to support the arts (more specifically, the music industry) in our

b)      What
actions should one take as a citizen to address the lack of support the arts
sometimes experiences in schools and the community?

c)      Please
describe what future participation in the arts might look like for you?

d)      Could
you please describe your understanding of the purpose and/or benefits of being
involved in any facet with the arts?


Describe what is
unique about the music, that is, why you liked or did not like it.  What did it make you think about or how did
you feel listening to it?  Your answer
may also involve concepts such as musical aesthetics and affect.  Would you recommend it to others?  If so, why? 
If not, why?