Tailoring truck

1.     Theproject work is individual work
2.    Assuming that eachbusiness partner will give 300,000AED capital to start a business.
3.    Propose onefeasible business.
4.    For theintroduction write down the concept of the business, logo and its meaning. ( is a talloring truck for a clothing business which i have already in instgram @BLUE.1.03 / logo meaning blue is my favorite color and the numbers when i started at 1st of march 2021)
5.    ole proprietorship (for individual). Discuss how the capitalwill be divided by the partners and describe its job title and brief ofdescriptions of each functions.
6.    Explain the choiceof your business partners location for your company. ( online business / the truck is bases on sharjah UAE and i will be in UAE)
7.    Draw the verydetailed interior and exterior lay out of your business building. ( truck design to be easy for people to by , and taking sizes and choosing the materials)
8.    Describe how theuse of technology will be used in your companys operations. ( instrgram use / business system to trace the orders and the truck )
9.    Over-all apply themodels of operations management (INPUT-TRANSFORMATION-OUTPUT) to describe theentire operations of your business.
11.  Only20% plagiarism is allowed.