teaching PlanStudents must work individually to develop a teaching/lesson plan. You must
submit your topic to the instructor for approval. A teaching plan is a detailed description of an individual lesson. Ideally, anyone who needed to teach your topic should be able to utilize your lesson plan with little to no modifications. Your lesson plan should be developed well enough that the instructor would have everything that they would need to carry out your lesson. The teaching plan must have a minimum of three objectives, a target audience, any methods of instruction used, an evaluation of effectiveness (for both the instructor and participants), and all required resources. For example, if you reference a video or informational handout, I expect you to include those materials. You do not have to create those additional materials, but you will be expected to give your sources credit. All outside sources must be cited in the correct APA format. Each student will develop and submit their plan into the designated dropbox. There are COPD teaching plans in the additional learning tools; therefore, do not select COPD as your topic. Please note that these are merely examples and do not include other documents also submitted. There are numerous ways to create a teaching plan. You may utilize these or develop your own template. Please read Chapter 10, pages 488-493, where you will find teaching plan examples. The Teaching Plan is due by Sunday, December 5th at 11:59 PM.

Hello Class,
Now that you have selected your Topic begin working on your Teaching Plan. Your Teaching Plan should be detailed (if necessary) with step-by-step instructions. This assignment will take time and thought. I highly suggest that you carefully read your syllabus, as well as review Chapter 10 in your text. 
The examples found within the course (under the Additional Learning Tools tab) do not include any documents that may have been attached during submission, such as handouts, questionnaires, and evaluation forms. If you ask me to teach your class, I need to have all resources available to me. For instance, if you are discussing the COPD Care Plan then attach a sample copy of the care plan. The document can be a form you create or one found on the Internet. If you are using a video, you may list the name of the video within your Teaching Plan and cite the video in the Reference section.
Other items to consider: The total time to teach the course and equipment (i.e., respiratory and audio/visual). If I walk into the room to teach your course/workshop, everything I need should be provided.  I should not have to search for anything.

I will upload examples on how it should be. I will also upload chapter 10.