Texas History

Choose 2 (Two) of the following essay questions to answer. Before writing your essays, please refer to the rubric for constructing college essays in the syllabus. Each essay response is worth a possible 50 (fifty) points. Because this is a Texas history course, make sure that your essay answers revolve around Texas in particular, not the United States in general.
1. Historians have long debated the degree to which the Texas Rebellion was a conflict over contested political ideologies or an escalation of pervasive ethnic conflict in Texas.  Evaluate the evidence for both causes of the Revolution.
2. Analyze the experience of Tejanos in Texas during the Republic period.
3. To what degree was the West developed by rugged individuals and by federal stimulus.
4. For slaves, how did coercive labor, primarily on farms and plantations, determine the structure of their lives and how did they respond?
5. Why did Texas secede and why did Texans volunteer to fight in the Confederate army?  What is the relationship between these two acts?

Citation MUST come from specific source of Randolph B. Campbell Gone to Texas: A History of the Lone Star State (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018) (3rd ed.)