The Age of Trilobites

Hello! I was assigned to write a research paper on “the Age of Trilobites“

Questions to consider include when trilobites emerged and howlong they survived, how many different species of trilobites existed and whatevidence do we have of this, where on Earth did they live and how do we know, what caused their finalextinction, etc.

the draft paper need to be done by October 29 and the final paper is on November 22

I attached the instuction below under the file named “Research Paper Guidelines Fall 2021” 
it is basically
  4-6 pages oftext, double spaced, 1 inch margins, Times 12 point font.
  Must include atleast 2 figures or tables to be placed at the end of the paper, not includedin the 4-6 pages of text. More than 2 figures is welcomed!
  Each figure musthave a number and caption that includes the reference where it came from.

I also attached the EXAMPLE of this research paper. However, the topic is different from mine. I think it is really helpful to see an example. Please take a look it might somehow be a guideline. 

I got some recommended references from internet and books that you may  use as well. I attach them below and in the file. I hope it is helpful.