The Career Research Paper

Part II: Career Research Paper Minimum of 3 pages, typed, 12pt font, double spaced. Times New Roman or Arial Font only. Using three sources (Eureka, ONet, a n d OOH), find answers to the questions below. Utilize a separate piece of paper to answer these questions, then formulate these into an essay. Include sources cited for specific information, such as data, trends, etc. Summarize all other information into your own words. Include a reference page / works cited page. 1) What is the nature of the work itself? What are the major job duties, tasks, and responsibilities of this occupation? 2) What is the nature of the work setting? What kind of environment does one normally work? Include physical conditions, special relationships, etc. 3) Is the occupation likely to be found in certain areas more than others? 4) What is the national and local outlook? 5) What are commonly expressed satisfactions with this position? a. What contributes to the happiness of individuals that do this job? 6) What are the commonly expressed frustrations about this type of work? a. Why might a person want to leave this occupation? 7) What skills, knowledge, and personality attributes are required for success in this occupation? 8) What is the likely starting salary range or earning level in this occupation? What is the average salary for experienced individuals? 9) What are the usual requirements and qualifications for this position? Include educational levels, special skills, physical abilities, etc. a. Is a specialized license, credential, or other certificate required? b. Must you be part of a union or employee association? c. What other related requirements are there? 10)What other occupations are related to this one? a. From a career development perspective, what occupations might one be promoted into or transfer into after experienced in this occupation? b. What are some related and parallel occupations that require some of the same skills and knowledge as this one? 11) Based on what you know of this occupation, write a brief description of the person who is likely to be successful and satisfied in this occupation. 12) To what extent are you like the person you have described above? a. What implications does this have for you investigating other related occupations? b. What other fields might you look into?