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CMST 101
Speech of Introduction Guidelines
(The Day I was Born speech)
Step 1
      Locate a newspaper on-line or in person (can be local, national, or international) published on the day you were bornmonth, date and year.  
Step 2
      Scan the newspaper for an article that captures your attention and relates to some of your experiences, values, beliefs, summarizes your life in some way or reflects your uniqueness; something that tells a story that somehow relates to who you are; emphasizes some quality that you possess or value/idea that has been central in formulating your identity. The possibilities for how you approach this assignment are endless of course. The above are merely suggestions to get you started. 
      Important: The whole article doesnt need to relate to you—only a portion of it. Remember example given in class about the twins.
      Make sure you find a newspaper article. Avoid a news website, an events page, a newsletter from an organization, an on-line journal article or a general web article. A newspaper article from a newspaper is what you are looking for.
Step 3
      Use the article as a springboard to tell a story about you, not the article. Some choices:  who you are, what makes you unique, what you consider important, what your dreams/goals, plans for the future may be, and so on. That is, the article should NOT be the focus of your presentation but rather a starting point for structuring a personal narrative. The speech time is 2 to 2 minutes.
Step 4
      Prepare notes (1-2  cards are all you should need) for your speech using the required outline to guide you. You need to construct a beginning that explains the article and your relationship to it, a middle that gives at least 2 specific examples as well as narrative from your own life that explains how that article is relevant to you (see step 3), and an ending that expands the theme to include your specific audience, leaving them with either a moral, a warning, an appeal or a challenge.  Speech length = 2 to 2.5 minutes.
Step 5
      Important: The middle section should be the longest and most extensive section–this is the section that focuses specifically on you, and should include at least 2 specific examples from your life to support your theme. 
Step 6
      Do not use any props, power point slides, etc. for this speech. No visual aids whatsoever.
      Practice your speech (which requires extemporaneous delivery (Chapter 10)—avoid reading or strict memorization/reciting from your notes. You may hold your notes for reference, but your eye contact should be on your audience.
      Practice in chunks of time over several days, not all at once the night before your speech day.  Give yourself as much time as you can to practice. Practice standing up using appropriate body language skills. Practice for 10-15 minutes every few hours. It will get easier each time you return to practice.

      One page

.  DO NOT write this speech out as a script and read/memorize it. Speak extemporaneously, from phrase notes. 
.   Use phrases, not paragraphs to fill out this outline as well.
Name:                                                               Birthday: month, day, year
I:       Short description of article
II:      Connection and relevance to your life:
I:       First life example:
II:      Second life example:
I:       Relate theme of speech to audience:
II:      Closing thoughts
Link to  newspaper article: