The instructions for this paper are stated below. The plant I’ve chosen to do th-Order now from

The instructions for this paper are stated below. The plant I’ve chosen to do th-Order now from
The instructions for this paper are stated below. The plant I’ve chosen to do this research project on is the moringa plant. In this paper, I would like to state that the person I am interviewing is my uncle from the Philippines. The interview is part of the Materials and methods section and answers for the questions asked during the interview should be stated in the results. You can add an extra person to interview if desired.Here are 2 review paper links that I would like as sources for this paper, I would need 1 more review paper link, 3 research articles and 3 other online sources: Deliverables: 7-page typed report, double-spaced, submitted as a PDFAll reports should be written in the following lab report format:Purpose: To identify a traditional use of a plant species from a cultural background.Introduction: Plant species have been used traditionally as food, medicine, clothing, shelter,tools, and other natural products. They may also be appreciated aesthetically, providingpleasure, and be related to the cultural values of people in their native country. Due to the lossof traditional knowledge over time it is important that we document such plant use in thecontext of the cultures in which they are found.Materials and Methods: The researcher will conduct fieldwork, interviewing someone whois knowledgeable about traditional plant uses in order to identify a plant or a plant productwhich is found in their culture. The student will then further research the plant and documentthis information in a report.Relevant questions will include the traditional use of the plant, how they are obtained, howthey are identified, if they are processed, and whether there are other steps (or other plants)involved in their preparation or use(s).*Extra Credit will be provided if the plant or product can be obtained.Results: The results of the interview will be documented, with a typed transcription ofquestions asked and the answers provided. If additional people are interviewed anyinformation that supports our understanding of the use of the plant should be noted. Anyinformation from the interview(s) that shows other uses for the plant should also be included.Discussion: The plant identified will be documented and researched using online references.The taxonomy of the plant (family, genus, species) will be summarized as well as the habit ofgrowth, and other morphological features. Documentation found online about this traditionaluse should be summarized. Any information about modern use of the plant or other productsrelated to the plant should be noted.You are required to read, reference, and cite at least 3review papers and 3 research articles on your topic using GoogleScholar and at least 3other online sources in your work. Relevant videos found via YouTube can be provided asonline sources and contributing to data obtained from interviews and primary informants.Conclusion: The work for your project including plant species identified, the traditional use,and modern documentation will then be summarized in a brief paragraph. This final sectionshould describe the significance of the work as a whole, showing the results of your study in aconcise manner. Please do not merely reword the whole procedure and the study. Overall, thissection should be able to stand on its own to convey what was learned through your work,justifying the value of your research project.References: Cite your sources in proper format following the same style for all references.Please let me know if instructions are unclear and you need more information. Thank you!
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