The Leader I Know

23Jan 2022 by

For this assignment each student will select a leader that he/she know personally or from experience. This leader can be from your organization. This assignment will account for 15% of your total grade.
Support the leadership style with at least five additional resources. The Alvin Sherman Library is an excellent source of information for your research topic.
1. Introduce the leader to your readers2. Describe the leadership style of the individual     a. Provide examples to support this premise3. Relate the leader’s style to one or more leadership theories from the textbook (Nahavandi, 2014) to support your comments4. Discuss the perceived effectiveness of the leader’s style     a. Provide specific supporting evidence
The submission must follow APA.
i. Title page must follow FCE title page requirementsii. Include a Table of Contentsiii. Include an Executive Summaryiv. The narrative as per items 1-4 above must be at least 10-pages in lengthv. Use double-spaced 12-point, Times New Roman font for this and all assignmentsvi. Show all sources for the information/data presentedvii. Do not use first person.