the monster in Beowulf

Grendel is one of the earliest recorded instances of a monster, but times have changed, somewhat, since those days. For this assignment, you need to try gauge what has changed, and what hasn’t about the monster, since those “days gone by.”
To start, watch this Youtube video of a Ted Talk (Links to an external site.) given by Louise Zhang, a visual artist based in Australia. This talk is about what monsters mean to her, and what she thinks monsters might mean for us, in today’s world. 
Once you’ve watched Zhang’s video, you should devote the first paragraph of your writing to a summary of what you see as the key points in Zhang’s talk. In the second paragraph, write about how you think Zhang’s theory of monsters relates/connects to Grendel, the monster in Beowulf. 

Paragraph 1: What are the key concerns/issues that Zhang raises? How does she feel about monsters and why? 
Paragraph 2: Which of these issues/concerns relate or connect to Grendel? How might Zhang’s talk help you better understand Grendel, if it does? 
Paragraph 3: In what ways might Zhang’s talk not relate or connect to Grendel (if in your view, there are parts of it that doesn’t). 

Nuts and Bolts: at least 700 words, typed double spaced, uploaded as a Word document. At least one quote directly from the Zhang video and one from Beowulf as well.  MLA formatting is required.