The myth of suburbia

ENL 200: The Myth of Suburbia
Essay #1

Assignment: Write a 5-6 page essay  formatted and cited per MLA guidelines, including a  correctly formatted Works Cited page. Essays should be written in a 12 point Times New Roman font.

Value: 30%

Week 7
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TH 10/14  Essay #1 Rough Draft Due 
Week 8
Sat. 10/23 Essay # 1 is due/ Upload on myCourses by 11:59 p.m.

Select 2-3 works of literature ( Revolutionary Road, The Stepford Wives,or The Graduate Film,, or The Ice Storm) and write an essay that accomplishes the following:

Identifies and briefly explains one significant critique of the suburban myth offered in 2 works

Identifies and analyzes  one aspect of  authors technique in communicating that critique 

  Be very focused and specific in your discussion. You may focus on any aspect of the stories such as characterization (protagonists or even minor characters), narration, setting, language, or symbolism. Do not merely summarize the plot. Arguments should be supported with cited summaries and relevant quotes.*/9-