The Philadelphia Negro (1899) by W.E.B. Du Bois

Each assignment will take between four and seven hours to complete. Each assignment will contain questions, which will require students to do one of the following things

Compose lists
Create annotations of different kinds of academic texts
Create chronologies
Draw maps
Do close readings of a sociological studies
Do close readings of narrative writing or film
Use, compare and contrast sociological theories
Use, compare and contrast sociological research methods
Write answers that are under 90 words
Write answers that are over 90 words
Write answers that are at least 250 words
Make distinctions between different kinds of narrative standpoints

Advice on how to get full credit for any given question

Follow the directions of the assignment
Do not reproduce the assignment questions
Make sure the reader can tell what the questions was from your answer
Write in complete sentences (unless otherwise specified)
Follow the word count guidelines provided on each assignment
Reference any of the proper nouns or concepts asked about in the question
Reference studies or people or concepts by their names
Provide details and specifics in your answer
Explain your answer
Defend your answer
Avoid glaring spelling mistakes
Avoid glaring grammatical mistakes
Avoid all typographical errors
You can use any type of citation you want (APA, ASA, MLA)
Or no citation at all