the precis

26Jan 2022 by

Now, about the precis (pronounced pray-see). This is a summarization tool. It is to help you to glean the important point of any source. That source can be a book, a book chapter, a poem, a magazine article, a video, a film…any communication artifact. You are answering some basic questions that give you an overall view of the artifact. Who wrote/filmed, presented it; what are their qualifications; when and where did the artifact appear (detailed publication information)? What was the purpose of the artifact and how did the author go about making their statement (what kind of argument or visual tools were used, etc…)? What was the audience and what kind of approach did the author/creator use in response to the audience? Was this effective/was the point made (requiring some critical thinking on your part to assess the effectiveness of this communication)?
Here is a document that will give you more detail and examples.
This is your precis assignment. Chose any news article as your source. It can be from a local paper, magazine, website… whatever. Just be sure to be detailed in your publication information. If you have any questions, look to the document provided in the lesson and see the examples. Your precis should look like the examples. In other words, it should look like and read like a complete paragraph.