the procurement and supply chain processes.

the paper should address the following:
Identify the main problems and sub-problems and develop a brief problem statement/summary of issues.
Briefly discuss how the problems/issues related to the Four Pillars of Purchasing and Supply Chain Excellence.
As the Lead Procurement Manager, explain why and how you would apply at least 4 of the following procedures/methods to resolve the current problem and prevent it from happening again with future suppliers:
Organizational Structure (to include the role of purchasing in supply chain management)
Purchasing Policy and Procedures (to include span of control)
Supply Chain Performance Factors
Supply Chain Continuous Improvement
Supply Risk Management
Supplier Relationship Management
Portfolio Analysis and Supplier Categorization
Supplier Evaluation Criteria
Supplier Development
Inventory Methods
Demand Planning
Supply Base Risk
Purchasing Law
Performance Measurement and Evaluation Systems.
Discuss the pros and cons of your proposed solutions.
If you would like, you may apply a process or method that we covered in this course that is not included on the list.