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Required Books

Textbook Markel, Mike, and Stuart A. Selber. Technical Communication. 13th edition. Bedford/St. Martins, 2021.


Be sure you are proofreading your work numerous times and checkingto make sure you have answered all parts of the prompt. 

Context: The final unit 3 assignment,the Researched Argument Essay, must argue for possible solutions to theworkplace issue you identified in Unit 2’s proposal. While the majority of youressay will be focused on proving that these solutions are feasible, logical,economical, and credible, you will need to dedicate numerous paragraphs to theactual problem in this field. In order for an educated audience to accept thatsolutions are needed, the audience must believe that the problem is not onlygenuine but also consequential if left without proper attention. 

For this weekly writing assignment, you are going to begin workingon three of your body paragraphs. The purpose of these three paragraphs will be to prove that theproblem you have identified in your future career field is seriousand ineludible. Remember that research isused to support a writers claims. It is not enough to tell a reader that the problem is severe; youmust prove it to the reader with credible research.

Writing Requirements:

Note: You may use one website. The other source can be a printor online newspaper article, an online website (avoid .comsites), a database article, an essay, a book, or an academiclecture/presentation. I encourage you to utilize the library’s databases. They can be found here.

1.  Three body paragraphs. The final length of this assignment should exceed one full page,double-spaced, MLA format. The more you write now, the more material you willhave later for this week’s workshop and the final Researched Argument Essay. 

2  .One paragraph must use statistical or numerical data froma reputable research source.

3  .One paragraph must use adirect quote from a credibleresearcher, scholar, or expert (you must use a written source; you cannot use apersonal testimony or an interview here). The final paragraph can usestatistics, quotes, or a combination of both.

4  .An accurate and complete works cited page is required. This works cited pageshould have two entries and should follow MLA conventions (9th edition). 

**Let me provide you with an example. If I were attempting to prove that one particular oil extractionprocedure was polluting the land around oil rigs, I might dedicate threeparagraphs to the following topics:

Paragraph ones purpose: Proving that this procedure does pollute the land.

Research: Direct quote from a Ph.D in the field of environmentalstudies. The quote would show that the procedure does in fact pollute the soil.

Paragraph twos purpose: Showing the effect oil contamination can have on soil.

Research: Statistical percentages that show the number ofcontaminants found in the soil near oil rigs using this particular extractionprocedure.

Paragraph three’s purpose: Showing the effect oil contamination can have on water. 

Research: Quote from an ex-oil company representative. This quotewill show firsthand evidence of water pollution. 

Note: I have provided you with a brief synopsis of what a studentcould do for this assignment. It is a fictional example, but I hope it helpsyou complete the assignment. Unlike my example, you must write the actual paragraphs and integrate the research. Iwant you to be able to use these three paragraphs in your final ResearchedArgument Essay. So, review the assignment sheet, the audio/video (Unit 3, Week1), and your outline; then create the three paragraphs. Make this WeeklyWriting meaningful. Do not forget your works cited page.