The Vietnam War, Southeast Asians, and the Transformation of Asian America (Chapter 10)

This discussion is based on Chapter 10 of the textbook

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What specific problems do Southeast Asian refugees often confront as a part of their new life in America? How do their experiences in the 1970s and 1980s compare or contrast with the experiences of voluntary migrants almost a century ago?
Consider how the policies of accepting refugees or offering asylum can be based on political decisions. Compare and contrast the experiences of Southeast Asian refugees with other refugee communities today. What similarities and differences do you see, based on the areas from which they originate and the factors that cause them to leave?
Share your thoughts and impressions based off your viewing and understanding of the documentary AKA Don Bonus. How did Sokly Ny’s life experiences as a teenager in the 1990s illustrate issues that displaced persons have faced settling in the United States?
Free response, based on your own thoughts/reflections of the readings.