The War Powers Act of 1973

Outline for Writing Term Paper

 Step 1: Introduction (15 points)

  • Define the topic (i.e. what is…).
  • Why is the topic an important issue for society?
  • Specify the research questions of your study.

  Step 2: Literature Review (31 points)

  • Discuss the pros and cons of your research topic.
  • Describe how you will deal with the shortcomings of the existing literature regarding your topic.
  • Adopt an issue position regarding your topic (i.e. state your hypotheses clearly).
  • Justify your position on the topic.

Step 3: Methodology (34 points)

  • State clearly your position on the topic.
  • Present the evidence to support your position on the topic. In an empirical research, you should operationalize your hypotheses, and specify the statistical tests used in your research.

Step 4: Summary and Conclusions (10 points)

  • Discuss the findings of your research.
  • Discuss the implication of the findings of your research for society.
  • Discuss how future studies may improve on the findings of your research.

Step 5: Bibliography (10 points)

Bibliography (Book)

 Adams, Mary. 2009. United States Foreign Policy, New York: Wadsworth Publishers.

Bibliography (Journal Articles)

 Burns, John. 2008. “Human Rights in Africa,” Journal of Conflict Resolution,

Volume 8: 22-36.

Bibliography (Internet Citations)

Crompton, Ann. 2010. “Global Warming and the Kyoto Treaty, ” (Links to an external site.), accessed January 20, 2010.