The War That Made America

Answer the following PROMPT in a 300-word minimum essay, 100 words minimum for each of the 3 questions posed, NAMING, QUOTING AND CITING each of the three assigned sources for this assignment: your (1) textbook, (2) the Doc Film, and (3) a PowerPoint Lecture(s) OR an In-CLass Lecture at least once each. Do not answer in bullet points or in a numbered list, but write at least 3 full paragraphs total in response to the questions posed remember, at least 100 words minimum for each paragraph answering a prompt question. At the end of your essay, YOU MUST post a study question of your own for your fellow students to consider and answer in their response posts. Post your initial response to all questions of my prompt BEFORE SATURDAY 2/19, 11:59 pm and make responses each a minimum of 100 words to two different students’ study questions,  before SUNDAY 2/20, 11:59 pm.


1.  Explain the various ambitions of the different peoples involved in the French and Indian War, also known as the Sevens Years War: the British, the Colonists, the French, and the Native Tribes as depicted in the film.

2. According to your sources: this film, the PowerPoints, and the textbook, how did this war help create The United States of America? 

3. Had this war never happened, do you think there would have been a War of Independence from the British? Explain your answer.

*** I recommend you write your essay FIRST on a word processing program and either copy and paste it into the submission window OR upload your saved file instead. Either option is okay with me.