Theoretical foundation

Assignment Content

Theories are made up of ideas attempting to structure thinking around a specific happening. Your readings for this week introduce the ideas of phenomena, concepts, propositions, and assumptions. This assignment is designed to help you think about those four aspects and explain the connections between each to help strengthen your understanding of the foundations and working parts of theory. 


Definethe following four terms in your own words, citing at least one source:phenomena,concept,proposition, andassumptions. 


Reviewyour definitions and think of an example from your day-to-day life or your practice experience that includes each of the four ideas. 


For example, falls in clinical practice is aphenomenonyou encounter. The idea that dementia patients are at greater risk for falls is a relatedconcept. The relatedpropositionis that dementia is related to falling in some way. An underlyingassumptionis that patients with dementia do not intend to fall. 


Explainhow all four aspects of your example work together to form the basis for a testable theory. 


Citea minimum of 2 sources in-text and on an APA-formatted reference page or slide. 


Formatyour assignment as follows: 

15- to 20-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes