Theories of Psychotherapy Annotated Bibliography

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Professors Instructions:

Consequently, you have a great deal of latitude on choosing the area you want to research within the parameters of the course.  The paper must include your analysis of the topic, not simply a review of the literature.  Students should utilize concepts covered in the course to evaluate the studies within the paper. The paper will be written in accordance with APA format and be between 6-8 pages in length; not counting the title page, abstract and reference list.  You will have at least 6 sources, all properly cited.  Papers will be ran through SafeAssign to check for originality. Wikipedia, or some other encyclopedia, will not be accepted as a legitimate source.  Instead, you must use legitimate published research, i.e. articles taken from PsycArticles, or comparable databases. In other words, I expect you to use Journal Articles, not commentaries found on the internet. Papers submitted after the due date will have 10% deduction for each calendar day (including weekends) up to 50% deduction.  Papers will be judged on APA citation and referencing, as well as on the level of analysis (appropriate for college level), grammar, spelling, and adherence to these standards.