Time Pies

Use either one of the spread sheet files below to detail how you spend your time now and how you anticipate spending your time at age 70 years. As you fill in the data the pie chart will adjust. Keep in mind that there are only 168 hours in a week.
When you have your final totals, use Save As to save the document and add your name to the file name. (E.g., TimePieChartAssignment_ClarkKent.xlsx). Use the Add Attachments button to submit your complete pie chart here.
Answer the following questions in the text box below after you have completed your time pies:
1. How will you finance the lifestyle you envision at age 70?
2. Identify one activity that you have included at age 70 that will require optimal aging. What can you do NOW to make sure you are able to perform that activity later?

section 2 in a word document answer this question please make sure it is a page long for it is a discussion 

Instructions: Use the following prompts to write your response for this discussion on socioemotional selectivity theory (SST). Then, comment on at least two of your classmates’ posts. Do not simply agree or disagree, but elaborate and build from each other. Treat this like a legitimate class discussion. Your grade depends not only on the completion of the three posts, but also on the quality of your posts.
Prompts: In what “everyday” areas do you see evidence for SST among 20 year olds? 40 year olds? 60 year olds? What are some pieces of evidence that do NOT support SST?