Topic Five Assignment

Students will write a 2-3-page reflection paper on the topic below. This reflection paper must contain specific detail of the course material read this week, with concrete information, all supported with evidence and proof from the text and at least one other relevant academic material(s).  The paper should also indicate how this topic can directly affect practice. This paper is due as per course outline listed in the syllabus.  The reflection should be submitted as Microsoft Word document, and be formatted according to APA 7th edition (with headings/subheadings). Two or more references are required.
Throughout this weeks topic, you gained a greater knowledge of language, intelligence, creativity, and educational growth.  Wayne is a 12-year-old who has had limited engagement with the others his age.  He is an only child who was raised in a very rigid religious home environment where such play, television programs, and music were not things he routinely experienced like other children his age.  Wayne was recently removed and placed in a family environment where he has ongoing exposure/contact with electronics, music, and teen social interactions.  Discuss how the limited exposure Wayne has had thus far has affected his ongoing growth based on the text learning, as well as how to assist Wayne in fostering creativity in his life now as young teenage male.   
Rubric atttached
Textbook: Lifespan Human Development 9th edition, Sigelman and Rider.

Avoid writing in first person for your initial discussions and for the topic assignments.
*Format the document (title page, headings, reference page, in-text citations, etc.) per APA, 7th edition.
*Avoid direct quotes (this will help lower the turn-it-in score) and write out acronyms
*If a reference is listed in the reference list or for a discussion, there needs to be a corresponding in-text citation
*Always, always discuss social work practice in all of your assignments