Topics and References

I am on the industrial organizational psychology track. 
You can chose to write about this here below or choose a different topic entirely but that topic must fall under the I/O psychology track.

Employment (topic)

Training Programs (subtopic)

Success of employee training and development (focal point/concern)

Studying employment is necessary as it helps one understand how it can be improved to ensure it is effective. Studying training programs enables one to develop methods of ensuring competency (Bibi, Ahmad & Majid, 2018). Studying the success of employee training and development facilitates ensuring there is the competency of employees. Employment is the means of survival for millions of people. Training programs improve the ethics of employees. The success of employee training and development increases financial benefits. Employment being a necessary factor in one’s life made me interested in these topics. As a future employer, I find it necessary for employees to be well trained.