Travel project

Using the Professional Design Memo template in Microsoft Word, create a memo to your employer which provides them with the travelers that have a balance due greater than or equal to $2000. In doing so, be sure to address the following requirements:

Open a new Microsoft Word document. In the search box, run a search for the Professional Design Memo Template.
This memo is to your boss.
Update the Company Name to International Travel Company.
Update the values in the To, CC, From, Date, and Re fields.
If memo template has fields such as address, phone number etc. you need to fill information or delete.
Re is to be: Statistics from Recent Balance Due Inquiry.
If any of the values are missing they will need to be added (To, From, Date, CC, and Re).
The title of your Pivot Table is Travelers with >=$2000 Balance Due (Put above your Pivot Table)
In the body of the memo, you will want one paragraph saying what has been done so far to collect the money owed. The second paragraph is what is going to be done if they do not pay.
Integrate the PivotTable that you created into the Memo as a Microsoft Excel object. (Do not create a link).
The order of the body of memo should be paragraph one then pivot table title and pivot table and followed by second paragraph.
Paragraphs should be singles spaced with no tabs and you want a blank space between paragraphs.
Dear or Sincerely is not used on a Memo.
Save the Word document using the correct naming convention.