Truth and Science

Science information is being provided to the general public at an alarming rate. New information that may or may not be true is often distributed in multiple platforms, but mostly through the internet. 
Select one of the articles listed below from the ScienceDaily website. There are links to the Science Daily Article and the Source Journal Article that Science Daily based their information on. 
Here are a few tips from the attached help guide on how to read and understand a scientific paper. You may find this helpful when reviewing the journal article. 

Read the Science Daily article in its entirety.
Look at the journal article that was the source of the DailyScience article. The original scientific paper the article was based on will be listed at the bottom of the article. Some sources have already been provided for you.
Review the scientific paper the original article was based on. 
Compare the information from the original paper to the article in Science Daily.
Determine if the article correctly presents the findings in the published scientific paper it is referencing. 

Answer the following questions:

List the article title and author
In one paragraph, describe what the Science Daily article was about. Your summary should be in your own words and describe the whole article idea and theme. 
List the source paper and its authors
Write a brief summary of the scientific paper abstract. The summary should be in your own words what question the scientists are trying to answer, how they tried to answer it and what their findings showed. This should be brief (1 paragraph) and in your own words. It does not need to be technical or complicated. 
Answer the following questions following your two summaries.

Did the Science Daily article address the same question/s the journal article was addressing? (Did they summarize the paper hypothesis accurately and completely)
Did the Science Daily article correctly describe the scientists findings as they described in their conclusion and analysis portion of their paper? 

was scientific evidence accurately portrayed
was the evidence described by ScienceDaily applied in the same context as the journal article?

Did the Science Daily author leave any important information out? If so, what was the information that was left out and why was it important?
Do you believe the Science Daily article was an accurate and complete portrayal of the work the scientists published? Why or why not? 

You may list each question followed by your answer on a Word document and submit to this assignment folder.

The attached table has the titles and links to all the ScienceDaily and supporting journal articles. 
Cite all sources including your articles in APA format at the end of your assignment. (Here is a link to a free APA citation generator: )