understanding statistical analysis in research

Understanding Statistical Analysis in research

Develop analyzing and interpreting techniques
Differentiate descriptive and inferential statistics.
List and describe criteria for choosing appropriate statistical tests for hypothesis testing.
Identify steps in testing hypotheses and research questions.
Discuss Meta- Analysis
Understand level of significance
Theory owing to the various t-Test
Comprehension of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Identify and describe when it is appropriate to use parametric and non-parametric tests.

You have been selected to work on a project in the obstetrical clinic. Your task is to investigate the association of small fetal size on ultrasound at 10-19 weeks gestation, with maternal tobacco use and subsequent early preterm birth & low birth weight.
Step One: Write out a hypothesis for this retrospective study, and design how you would conduct the investigation and research. Include how you would present the statistical data (descriptive and inferential). Be sure to detail any ethical issues and/or HIPAA issues. 
Step Two: In a 3-5-page paper compile your research and ideas into a cohesive, professional document with a minimum of two outside resources and proper APA format.