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The continuum of views about undocumented immigration run from allowing open borders and full amnesty through strict enforcement of existing immigration laws including the removal of all undocumented aliens from the US and everything in between. Most experts, policy makers, and citizens view legal immigration positively and promote continuing legal immigration. 
There are estimated to be anywhere between 11 and 20 million undocumented aliens in the US and over 1 million foreign born persons enter the US as legal permanent resident aliens annually. In addition, millions of foreign-born persons enter with temporary or nonimmigrant visas or with work permits. The estimates of the number of those aliens who enter without inspection or who remain in violation of the immigration laws vary because this population is not easily counted. In 2018, about 14% of the national population were foreign-born individuals and about 3% of the national population were undocumented immigrants. More recent research estimates the undocumented population to be significantly higher than earlier estimates.  Immigration has risen to the level of a social problem for many reasons. The federal government has sole jurisdiction to enforce the immigration laws, but some state jurisdictions label themselves as sanctuary cities, and others attempt to address the illegal immigration problem.. Some consider migration patterns to be a crisis while others do not. 
The textbook will provide you with a basic definition of a social problem(s) and research on the topic will provide you with specific details about the problems associated with immigration. For example, immigration impacts on economics, education, public welfare benefits including medical care and housing, subsistence needs, public safety, employment, gender and sexual orientation, substance abuse, racial and ethnic relations, the environment, family, urbanization and population and war, terrorism, and the balance of power. Click here as a starting point to evaluate sources and remember to think about bias when you do any research. There are no right or wrong responses in this debate, but the topic is highly charged with emotions, and it is important to make an earnest attempt to analyze the issues objectively.
Forum A.1 After conducting some preliminary research provide a brief opinion on undocumented immigration as a social problem. You may use any of the references provided at the end of the syllabus, or journal articles found in the school library or any other empirical research but avoid newspapers and magazines or biased sources.  Support your opinion with research and provide a bibliography in all the forum assignments. The strength of one’s opinion often depends on the validity and logic of the facts underlying the opinion.
Submit this report in the Forum A1 area and label as forum A1 (250 words or 1-2 typewritten pages)
Due: 2/4 (7.5 points)
               Your forum reports should include the following:
a.    Why is immigration a social problem?
b.    What makes immigration a social problem?
c.     What causes the problems associated with immigration?
d.    What can be done to solve the problems associated with immigration?