unit 1 essay

Several of the texts we’ve read so far in this unit have dealt with the relationship between art and life. Using close-readings from “Cat Person,” “Cat Person & Me,” and “Who is the Bad Art Friend,” make an argument about this relationship what does looking at all three of these texts together lead you to conclude about the ways art and real life intertwine? What kinds of interventions, if any, are problematic? What kinds, if any, are necessary? 

Your essay needs to have a specific, debatable thesis a claim that answers the questions above and that you will then use to guide and structure your essay. Your thesis MUST appear in the first page of your essay.

(Take note of the word “debatable” here this means your thesis needs to be arguable, i.e. you’re going to have to show me evidence from the texts to prove it. A thesis that is any variation of “all three of these texts are about the relationship between art and life” and stops there is not actually a thesis, it’s a restatement of the assignment prompt. Any paper that comes in with that non-thesis, or any other non-debatable claim, will receive a 0. This is not a joke or an idle threat, it is a promise.) 

Your essay must use at least one close reading from each of the three texts. You can and should use direct quotations from the texts, but may not incorporate quotations more than 4 lines in length (no block quotes, in other words). Keep in mind the ratio of explication to quotation needs to heavily favor explication for any sentence you quote, you should have at least three sentences, perhaps more, to say about how to interpret that quotation. Any paper that fails to incorporate close readings and quotations of the appropriate length will also receive a 0. (Nope, not joking about this part either). 

Your essay must follow either or guidelines.

All material not created by you, whether quoted, summarized, or paraphrased, needs to be properly cited, in a works cited section and within the text of your essay itself. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism. Assignments containing plagiarized materials will receive a 0 and be reported to the Chair of the Department of Language & Humanities for possible college action.