Unit 3 – Part 2 Due 06.12.2022-Order now from essaywritingagents.com

Unit 3 – Part 2 Due 06.12.2022-Order now from essaywritingagents.com
 Assignment Details
For this weeks contribution to the overall Key Assignment, you will build a list of candidate information systems and the applications they support that could solve the organizational issues identified in the Unit 1 IP. The new content should go in the Suggested Information Systems and Applications They Support section of your Key Assignment template.
Assignment Guidelines

Add the following new content to your working template:

Week 3: Implementation of New Information System and Business Strategic Alignment Proposal

Select 1 information system for your selected company, and explain why this system was selected.
Describe the system and how it best aligns with your companys business strategic goals and objectives.

Week 3: Selected Information System Capabilities Detail

You can use research you shared in your primary response for your Discussion Board this week to describe the organization data.
Develop an architecture diagram that represents the database and network configuration that you is incorporated in your selected information system.
Include detailed information to go along with the database architecture diagram.
Include detailed information on the applications, operations, and management of the selected information system (this should have already been outlined in the Unit 2 IP).
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