Unit 5 – Marketing

Assignment Details
You have been tasked with developing a survey to determine if the marketing plan was effective. After a marketing plan is implemented, it is important to evaluate how effective it is.
Use Microsoft Word or a similar program to develop a survey that includes 1015 questions you would ask patients about their experience finding and receiving services at your health care organization. These questions should be designed for new patients. Make sure that your survey includes questions on how the marketing plan impacted their ability to find the services they needed. Do the following for your survey:

Give the survey a title. 
Number the questions. 
Develop the questions. 
You can either construct open-ended questions or require an answer (e.g., yes or no questions or ranking 110). 
After developing the survey, explain why you chose the questions you did and what information you hope to gather.

Include at least 2 references that helped you with this survey.