Vehicle and Merchant theft

are a Detective Sergeant of a 150 person police department in the City of New
Havenville, CT.  You have one large
shopping mall in town that contains (50) retail businesses. There have been
numerous complaints of suspects stealing credit/debit cards from the following


    Vehicles where women have left their purses
locked inside the vehicle and FLG activity where groups are breaking in and
stealing checkbooks, IDs, Debit cards and then going to local branches to cash
out accounts   

    Distraction larceny teams going into the
stores and are pickpocketing men’s wallets and women’s purses and stealing
debit and credit cards  

    Criminals purchasing stolen card data on
the Internet and going to the stores in the mall and purchasing merchandise


Chief recently assigned you to be the head of a 5 person Organized Retail Crime
(ORC) Team that is going to be assigned to the mall area.  


prepare a 2-3 page summary of how you will train and educate your team and then
utilize them in the field to help prevent, identify, and arrest criminals
physically stealing cards and card data at the mall as well as using the data
to commit fraud. 


paper is to be between 2-3 pages in length, utilizing font 12 and double
spaced, submitted as an attachment.