Visual Art Discussion

For this Art Interpretive Evaluation Discussion, you will choose one of the paintings from the list below and evaluate the work of visual art.  You should research the work/artist, but this is not a research assignment.  Your research should support your own personal interpretation.
Your discussion should have FIVE fully developed paragraphs (one paragraph for each of the following questions):

Paragraph 1: Describe the painting:  Describe what you see in the artwork. What is your general impression of the painting? What parts of the painting stand out to you?  What formal elements are used in the composition and how are they used?
Paragraph 2: Interpret the painting: What do you think the overall meaning of the work is?  Be sure to use details from the work to support your interpretation. Don’t just copy and paste from a website.  This should be your interpretation.
Paragraph 3: Identify the artistic characteristics and styles in the painting: Explain how the work is characteristic of the artist’s style?  What art genre/style does the work belong to (Impressionism, Romanticism, Renaissance, etc)? Explain how you know this based on the details in the artwork.  You may have to do a little research (or a google image search) about the artist’s style. Cite specific examples.
Paragraph 4: Interpret the artist’s motivation: This is the most speculative. Why do you think the artist created this work of art?  Why do you think this?  Include details from the work for support. You may have to do a little research about the artist’s motivation/background. Don’t make this into a research paper, though. 
Paragraph 5: This painting is considered a “valuable and important” piece of art. Do you agree? If so, explain which features of the painting makes you agree. If not, explain why you disagree by citing relevant features of the painting.

Works of art to choose from (click on link to access image):