watch video and Choose 1 of the Following Questions to Respond to:

watch video :

Discovering Psychology Video: “The Power of the Situation” (Social Psychology) 
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Choose 1 of the Following Questions to Respond to:

Q1. What makes nice and good people behave in such terrible ways toward others? Why is it that people tend to obey authority figures? Why is it that so many people do things they are told to do, even if they know it is wrong? Frame your response using a description of the methods and results from either the Obedience Study by Stanley Milgram or the Prison Study by Philip Zimbardo. Include a discussion of what made these studies controversial and unethical. Conclude with a statement about why these studies remain so relevant in todays society.
Q2. Describe how the social situation can influence behavior above and beyond an individuals voluntary choice and even personality type? Frame your response in the context of either (a) the Solomon Asch study of conformity or (b) the Kurt Lewin study of leadership
If (a): Describe the Asch study and the conditions under which a person changes their response to go along with the group.
If (b): Describe the three types of leadership styles examined in Lewin’s study, and what did the results of each condition reveal?
Overall, what does this body of work tell us about the malleability of an individuals behavior in the context of a group?