Week 1 Homework –This article is written from the perspective of a race as a Chinese.

Complete the following field work assignment  No student replies required. You will not find answers in the textbook, this is your opportunity to conduct Anthropology fieldwork. 
This article is written from the perspective of a race as a Chinese.

Throughout Chapter 2, and in the box “Thinking Like an Anthropologist: The Kiss as a Cultural Act,” we learned about the many different meanings a kiss can hold, as well as the potential complications of those meanings between different cultures. Now you are in a position to consider how globalization is transforming the meaning of a kiss around the world. In what ways has cultural homogenization affected our understanding of a kiss? Has migration and two-way transference of culture changed your conceptions of a kiss? What about the increasing cosmopolitanism? Has an expanded conception of world interactions affected people’s views of kissing?
Instructions: Complete and then submit the exercise(s) below as directed by your instructor.

 Conduct two interviews with friends or family members. One person should be from your own generation and the other a generation older or younger than your own. Ask the people you are interviewing about what kinds of kissing they consider appropriate. Is it okay for a couple to kiss in public? What about a mother kissing her son on the cheek in public? Is kissing in public a healthy display of affection, or something that is best kept at home? Have they engaged in other kinds of kisses? Have they ever kissed a statue or a ring? Post a summary of the two interviews, emphasizing the differences or similarities in the answers that were posted to your class’s online submission. 

 Please use academic writing with proper citations and references. Emails to the professor or print out into the professor’s box will not be graded, even if submitted before the deadline. No student replies required. 10 points