week 2 discussion post part 1


In every academic major or professional field there are issues or topics that arise. Sometimes these are controversial in nature, such as whether to integrate a new procedure into an existing process. Other times, these issues are simply ideas with multiple perspectives, such as which method might be best for tracking certain outcomes. These key issues are worth exploring as you work to become an active part of the conversation in your field.

For this discussion, you will choose a topic or issue related to your current profession or programmatic field of study. You may use this research topic for the assignments throughout the course, culminating in a Research Analysis Essay final paper in Week 5. Perform some exploratory research on your selected issue, and locate some relevant sources. You will choose one of these sources to evaluate more fully for your Week 2 Source Critique Essay.

In 250 to 300 words, address the following points:

Discuss the issue or topic that you researched.
Explain how this issue affects your academic major or professional field.
Identify three sources you have located.
Make connections between your own perspective on the issue and the ideas shared in the articles.