week 2: quiz and industrial explosion

22Jan 2022 by

please do following tasks.  

– do the quiz

before you do it, you should read and undestand the perfectly  in the 
textbook and  also understand week 2 informations because it  will cover the textbook and week materials. 
you need to done quiz  very limited time.   (global citizen course ) 

-do the industry exploration 

before you work on the assignment, see the instruction and rubric then  understand the week 2-3 informations and also 
academic honesty intergrity after hat, you can start it .  you should follow the all rubric each one and instruction properly
you can actually pick one of three topics:  

you might need to edit it just you know 

I need  a writer who did the assignment before and know some courses. it will use to ansswer the questions