Week 3 Homework–This article is written from the perspective of a race as a Chinese.

Learning Objective: What Is the Relationship of Ethnicity to the Nation?
This article is written from the perspective of a race as a Chinese.

Most Americans today have a diverse ethnic and national background. The United States is over two hundred years old, but the ancestors of many of its inhabitants immigrated here over roughly the last hundred years. For this assignment you will examine your own family’s history and its relationship to ethnicity and nationalism. How long has your family lived in this country? Where did they come from? Do you have a Native American background? Has your family embraced American Nationalism? The best sources of information for this exercise will be your own family members. Do not hesitate to conduct interviews.
Instructions: Complete and then submit the exercise(s) below as directed by your instructor.

 Post the findings of your interviews and research to your instructor. If possible, include photos of your ancestors and where they came from ( no names needed). If you or anyone have done ancestry research (for example 23 and me or ancestry.com) how did it compare to the oral narrative your elders have discussed? Be sure to include how the results of your study affect your own personal view of ethnicity and nationalism? Also discuss the relationship/differences between ethnicity and nationalism?
Please use academic writing with proper citations and references
Emails to the professor, “screen shots” or print out into the professor’s box will not be graded, even if submitted before the deadline.